Truckload SERVICE   |  COOL & FROZEN

We invest in the best for our customers

Like most companies today, we run lean but we never cut corners that could affect the service levels provided to our customers. Our power units are no older than 3 years and our modern trailer fleet is equipped with the best in temperature controlled refrigeration.

Our trailers are inspected inside and out, every 3 months. The inspection includes outside washing, inside sanitization and any repairs required are made at our on-site 5 bay maintenance facility.

Even a couple of degrees off the set temperature required can mean the refusal of an entire load. Food safety is imperative with our customers and we do everything in our power to perform to the high standards required.

Trucking perishable food products is all we do

Transporting fresh and frozen meat, produce and other grocery freezer items is our core service at BTC Express. We do it well and to exacting standards. We deliver to big box retailers and large grocery chains directly from the manufacturer. We can ship at ambient, cool and frozen temperatures as determined by our customer's requirements.