It’s something our industry does together

The SmartWay program is administered in the U.S but reaches carriers throughout Canada, the USA and Mexico. The premise it was founded on was to give the trucking community a way to analyze their environmental performance, fuel consumption and overall efficiency.

The program started in 2004 and we became a certified SmartWay Partner in 2010. As an industry, we have reduced diesel consumption by billions of gallons and carbon dioxide emissions by millions of tons… and that’s yearly.

Doing our part for a cleaner environment

The greatest initiative any of us can do is to incorporate ways to burn less fuel with our trucking fleet. We have accomplished this in the following manner:

  • Reduce aerodynamic drag with wind deflectors and side skirts
  • Purchase modern equipment with current fuel saving technologies
  • No idle policies and generators for climate control so engine can be turned off when driver is sleeping in his highway cab
  • Using speed governors to limit highway speeds
  • Ensuring tire pressure is regulated and use of super single tire technology